CIG Celebrates Community Safety Saturday™

Jim Griffin

After a fire destroyed the popular Griff’s Pizzeria and Bistro in Templeton, California, CIG helped restaurant owner Jim Griffin rebuild and get back to business again.

Karen Foote

A fast-moving fire destroyed Karen Foote’s home, three cars, and all her belongings. Hear how relieved Karen was to have a policy that covered her when she needed it most.

Tracey Barnes Priestley

When a freak accident set off a chain of events that seriously damaged a building listed on the historical register, CIG came to the rescue of business owner Tracey Barnes Priestley.

17 Safety “Musts” for First-Time Home Owners

couple in  front of one-family house in modern residential area

  Congratulations on the purchase of your first home! You’ve worked hard, saved money, and spent what seems like an eternity to pick the perfect place. A home is a significant investment and you owe it to yourself to protect that property and keep your family safe. Here are 17 important safety tips to help…

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