CIG Celebrates Community Safety Saturday™

Jim Griffin

After a fire destroyed the popular Griff’s Pizzeria and Bistro in Templeton, California, CIG helped restaurant owner Jim Griffin rebuild and get back to business again.

Karen Foote

A fast-moving fire destroyed Karen Foote’s home, three cars, and all her belongings. Hear how relieved Karen was to have a policy that covered her when she needed it most.

Tracey Barnes Priestley

When a freak accident set off a chain of events that seriously damaged a building listed on the historical register, CIG came to the rescue of business owner Tracey Barnes Priestley.

No- and Low-Cost Ways to Cut Winter Energy Bills


Energy costs rise over the winter months leading most homeowners in search of ways to save energy and reduce monthly costs. Here is a list of no- and low-cost ways that could potentially save you as much as 25% on monthly energy bills.

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