CIG Celebrates Community Safety Saturday™

Jim Griffin

After a fire destroyed the popular Griff’s Pizzeria and Bistro in Templeton, California, CIG helped restaurant owner Jim Griffin rebuild and get back to business again.

Karen Foote

A fast-moving fire destroyed Karen Foote’s home, three cars, and all her belongings. Hear how relieved Karen was to have a policy that covered her when she needed it most.

Tracey Barnes Priestley

When a freak accident set off a chain of events that seriously damaged a building listed on the historical register, CIG came to the rescue of business owner Tracey Barnes Priestley.

10 Tips to Be Blackout Ready

beam of defuse light in the fog

When you think of disaster, what scenarios come to mind? For many, thoughts turn to hurricanes, tornados, fires, terrorism, and floods. What about blackouts? What happens when you unexpectedly lose electrical power and it stays out for hours, days or weeks? We sometimes take electricity for granted, yet it powers every aspect of our lives. Without…

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